Amazing way of stopping cats killing birds

I would never have thought of this.  John has contacted me with this surprising way to stop cats killing birds –

We have three cats, and have found a paradoxical way of stopping them from catching birds..

We have about a dozen bird feeders with different foods in. As a result we have a huge population of birds, particularly house sparrows.

At the first sighting of a cat the alarm goes up and every species is alerted. More food is more pairs of eyes to watch out for danger.

The moggies have next to no chance. They still bring home the occasional bird, but it used to be several a week rather than a handful over the whole summer


I thought I was bad enough with my variety of feeders, but I don’t think I have twelve!

John, you must keep the feeders close together do you, that will be why you have a large group of birds in one place.

I spread my feeders around the garden. Some are hanging from branches, some are bird tables, some are ground feeders, but they are not all together in the same place.

Thanks for getting in touch and it is an amazing thing to hear about.  They say there is safety in numbers don’t they and what you have told us proves that is the case.


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