Trouble at Bird Table News

 Hope everyone is well.

Am having a few technical problems – not with bird feeding but with Bird Table News itself.

After ages trying I have managed to log on to write this note, but things not going right at the moment.  It may take a day or two to get this technical problem sorted. 

I’ll keep feeding the birds and writing things down with pen and paper ready to transfer to Bird Table News when things are sorted.

Have not heard what has happened with Tich the swallow.  Last I heard he was enjoying the food and was having a bath.  They do not know whether to let him go (he still has a poorly wing)  or keep him caged.

I’m thinking of getting a Bird Box with a camera for my birthday. 

Found a dead pigeon near the birdtable. Looked like a fox had got it as it had had its head nipped off.  Must be an old or injured and very hungry fox to come into the garden.  Part of me feels sorry for it.  All its day may be taken up with trying to feed itself and failing and slowly getting more hungry. 

I’ll be having a technical day tomorrow, messing about with computer wires, ringing for help and advice to try to get Bird Table News sorted.  I’ll be  clicking the mouse and,  hopefully, getting somewhere . 

See you soon!  Trisha

While I’m having this problem if you find it difficult to get to Bird Table News I would like to know and you can email me at

Or if you have any birdy news for me you can email me at the same email address.





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