Swallow’s Progress

After rescuing an injured swallow – here is the progress on this young swallow –

We had a good piece of luck and found a perfect table to put the cage on The cage is located close to the window so ‘Tich’ can look out.

It perches on the top wooden bar of the cage. The window gets full sun. The damaged wing hangs down a little but he/she does flap about and exercise it’s wings from time to time.

It loves live meal worms that we get from a local reptile and aquatics shop,
but Titch will eat dried meal worms too. However, we have made a concerted
effort to catch flies but does not appear interested in those.

It has now started bathing when a little hamster bowl of water is held up to it. We are trying to encourage it to help itself but is still a bit babyish and likes
to hand fed. It will occasionally ‘chirp’. 


I hope the little swallow survives, but even if it does not survive it has had care , warmth, food and attention and a chance to live.

Birds (or any wildlife) can touch our lives.

I believe that  swallows usually drink in flight and scoop water up when they skim over the water, so it’s good to know your swallow is drinking OK

I wish you luck.  Still haven’t received any tips or advice from anyone.  It seems as though you were doing exactly the right things from the minute you found Tich.


5 thoughts on “Swallow’s Progress

  1. Jan

    I do hope the poor Swallow survives, we used to have a wonderful man who lived locally who was able to ‘mend’ any bird that was taken to him, sadly he died some years ago.

    Although it is a little difficult to tell from the photo I think the mystery bird on the previous post is a Dunnock.

  2. Trish Post author

    Thank you for help with identifyng the bird. Sorry I haven’t replied before but have had a bit of technical problem.
    I don’t know what has happened to the swallow. But whatever they decide to do I’m sure it’s the best decision they could made.

  3. Caroline

    We have a swallow with an injured wing too. It left the next about a week ago and still has the yellow strip around its beak. Other than its wing, it is a healthy strong bird and calls to its parents. However, I have not seen them feeding it. It’s down on the ground in my stables and doesn’t mind me picking it up to check it over at all. However, I’m not sure what to do with it – I am hopeful that its wing will mend before it gets weak but I dont have the bottle to kill it.

  4. Trish Post author

    Apologies for not replying sooner, there must be a glitch with the comments page.

    It’s hard, but this sort of thing goes on all the time in the countryside. You’ll feel a connection to the swallow when you pick it up and you will want to help it. If it has a bad wing now it won’t survive the migration will it?
    You could pick it up and put it in a cage. Then feed it and look after it, but it still may die.
    There isn’t any reason why you should kill it. Some people would say it would be kind to kill it but nature will kill or cure it.
    In some ways it is outside our domain. I’m not sure there is a right or wrong answer here. Let me know what happens.

  5. Trish Post author

    Have just seen this comment – there must be some sort of delay with the comments section.

    It is brilliant that your swallows have reared three broods! Great news.

    Why have they left one sibling behind. It seems from what you say that they have cut him out of the flock. Or perhaps he cut himself out of the flock. Why has he been left behind ? I do not know why. It is something I haven’t heard of. All the years swallows have been here they have all left at the same time.
    It is caring of you to be worried for his survival.
    There will not be enough food for him in this Country. But swallows have been seen in England very late some years.

    The future does not seem very bright for your little swallow.

    This sort of thing does happen all the time in the countryside, but we dont’ see it happening. You are close to nature so you see what happens in nature. I don’t know if I’m being a bit pessimistic but here is a prayer. It is for a sparrow, but could be for any bird
    Prayer for the Burial of a Bird

    This sparrow died today, O Lord,
    Your feathered creature small.
    We lay him in the friendly earth
    And ask Your blessings on us all.

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