Recycle your kitchen scraps – Feed wild birds

Start recycling by putting kitchen scraps out for our garden birds instead of throwing your food  in the dustbin.

Putting out bird food, especially in winter,  can be a life saver for some birds.

Here is some food I put out

  • A lot of birds love fruit.  They will eat  scraps and cores of apples and pears.
  • Put the last of the crumbs from the cereal box out for our feathered friends
  • Cheese – not mouldy but old cheese or left over pieces. I cut mine into small pieces or grate the cheese before putting it out. Birds love this.
  • Leftover plain flavoured rice
  • Bread – I soak it in water first – any type of bread.
  • Stale cake
  • Suet
  • Bacon rind (chopped small)
  • Ham fat
  • Pastry
  • raw grated carrot (I have seen birds on the birdtable enjoy this)

Birds may not come to the food straight away, but they will soon learn to that food is there and check regularly.  You will get the enjoyment of seeing that you are feeding our feathered friends.

Of course you must throw away anything the birds don’t eat or it could attract vermin. 

You don’t need expensive bird tables or feeders – an old container with shallow sides can be used to put the kitchen scraps in.  

If you don’t have a garden – window feeders ?  

Or get together with other people who don’t have gardens to see if there is any space where scraps could be put and then take it in turns to put food out and check it’s been eaten (I know it’s a dream as there won’t be time, but a nice dream!)

Have you any scraps you put out?

Shall we recycle our scraps and feed the birds?

If you click the link below you will see why we should always cut or peel an apple if we put it out as bird food


Have a good day


3 thoughts on “Recycle your kitchen scraps – Feed wild birds

  1. Martin Swanhall

    I thought feeding bird s bread was bad since bread is a carbohydrate which causes birds to fill up on carbs leaving little room for nuts, seeds, and other foods with fat and protein conten

  2. Trish Post author

    There are different views on this. Bread is a carbohydrate, but I have read that years ago cockney sparrows thrived because of the bread shaken from the tablecloths onto the streets.

    It has been said that if there is enough food around the birds will leave the bread. I think if I was a bird in the middle of winter (or any time of year) when food was non existance or scarce I would rather have bread and survive than not be able to find any food – and die.

    Birds need energy to survive a freezing cold winter night. If they use all their energy unsuccessfully searching for food there is the likelihood that they will die. This is why I will always put bread out for birds.

  3. Debra

    I put out all sorts for the birds (not liquorice tho’!). Hardly any of our unwanted food goes into the bin. In recent weeks I’ve put out blinis, pasta, cheese, marzipan and even sushi! I tend to throw it on the lawn and keep the tables and feeders for food I know they definately like. We’re getting mating ducks at the moment so we buy duck-specific food.
    When I tell people about this they sound really surprised! We started by giving the birds pork pie and then then bacon rind. Every Saturday morning a crow would turn up just for the bacon! A couple a years ago we threw out some prawn crackers to the birds. We managed to see a squirrel eating one, stood on it’s back legs with the cracker in both of it’s front feet!

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