Would love to get a nest box camera.  Am trying to decide which nest box camera would be best.

[ad#125x125square]Do all nest box camera’s have sound?  Which is easiest to clean out?  Are there different ways to wire one up?  There must be a lot of things to think about.  Decisions, Decisions.

I’ve  found three companies who sell nest box cameras.  If you click the links below you’ll be able to read more about them if you want to,  I know I will be.

Am going to look into it this week

3 thoughts on “NEST BOX CAMERAS

  1. Trish Post author

    So you find a nest box camera a good thing? Did it take you long to set up? Did you need a long wire? Is it easy to clean? Am still looking into it. My daughter is getting married at the end of October and am busy with that, so any tips would be welcome. I keep looking on the internet.

    One of the jobs I don’t like is cleaning out the nest boxes at the end of the summer. That is why I would like a nest box with a camera that is easy to clean. I have just had a though do you always buy the camera and nest box together?

    thanks for getting in touch. Trisha

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