Killer sparrows

Sparrows  kill other birds and eat all the food at the feeders.  The House Sparrows have killed an entire nest of Bluebirds andRobins

Purplepigphoto who is a photographer and birder in USA sent me this.  I read that he did not like sparrows and I asked him if he could learn to love them.  I can see now why he dislikes them.

Are American Sparrows different to British Sparrows

I’ve received some facts about sparrows taking swallow eggs and harming a robin’s nest, plus a few more observations  and I know they are bossy birds but do they harm other birds nests routinely? 

I put food in different areas of the garden and find ‘gang’s of sparrows stay together at one feeding area.  Other birds mingle together at the other feeders and never join in when a flock of sparrows are eating. 


2 thoughts on “Killer sparrows

  1. Dorothy Easton

    I have lots of hedge sparrows in my garden. Last winter a hedge sparrow (or Two) took over a house martin’s nest outside my bedroom window but nested in hedge as normal in Spring. They have recently pushed 4 feathered baby house martins out of nest and have taken up residence once more. They are also attacking another nest with baby martins in it and dive bombing the parents. I now hate them will think twice about feeding them this winter.

  2. Trish Post author

    Hi, Thanks for getting in touch.

    That is a good point of yours about feeding sparrows in winter. We feed them and help them survive and they kill other birds. If we didn’t feed them then, it seems as though, higher numbers of other bird species would survive. That is very thought provoking. Thanks for getting in touch

    I cannot see a house martin killing a sparrow can you?

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