Bird Food for Birds

Different bird seed mixtures have been formulated for feeders and for table / ground feeding.

Good quality mixes contain flaked maize, sunflower seeds and peanut granules.

It is better not to buy mixes that have

  • split peas
  • beans
  • dried rice
  • lentils


Bird food need not be bought as a mix – sometimes it is useful to buy individual bird food –

Small seeds such as millet attract

  • house sparrows
  • dunnocks
  • finches
  • reed buntings
  • collared doves

Black sunflower seeds are a really good all year round food for birds

Nyjer seeds are small and black and have a high oil content.  They do need a special type of  feeder or can be covered in melted fat and put on the bird table (the melted fat binds the nyjer seed together and stops it blowing away)

Peanuts are a good bird food

  • Many types of Tits
  • greenfinches
  • house sparrows
  • nuthatches
  • siskins

Crushed or grated nuts attract all the above birds and also

  • robins
  • dunnocks
  • wrens

Nuthatches and coal tits hoard peanuts.  They remember where they are stored and go back to them when food is scarce

Wheat and barley grains in seed mixes are only really suitable for pigeons, doves and pheasants.


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