Bird Feeding on a beautiful morning

Soft pink, pale blue and silver, lovely fresh scent and rustling music.  

I’ve just looked up at the sky, saw the silver of the moon, the pale blue of the sky with soft pink colour of the clouds.  The breeze was soft and gentle and the trees were making music by rustling in the breeze.  Everything was beautiful.   The sky was amazing.  Do we take a lot for granted?

‘Every day is the same’ we say, but  it’s not true is it?

Birds and other wildlife wake up to this freshness every day.

I was putting all the bird food out when I looked up and noticed all this colour and sound around me.

I’ll soon be adding birdsong to the list above when they start their daily chattering.

I’m pretty organised with the bird food now.  I have two dustbins that I keep the bird food in and I put a variety of bird food out in different places round the garden. 

It’s still good to see the blackbirds and thrushes able to get bird food without having rooks, crows and pigeons to worry about.

I’m spending a day in front of a computer screen today and I’ll remember what a lovely start to the day I’ve had.

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