Am looking into getting a bird camera box. It would be a treat to see the garden birds that come to my feeder actually in a bird box feeding their young!

Have been wondering which bird camera box would suit me best.

Here are some questions I have thought of

Do all bird camera boxes have sound?
Which one is easiest to clean out?
Are there different ways to wire one up?
Do the bird camera boxes come fully assembled
How long is any cable that comes with the bird camera box
How do you connect it to the computer / television. Do you need a special cable, or nail or drill?

[ad#125x125square]I have realised that you can get a bird box camera on its own or a bird camera box complete.

I have found out that there are two ways of wiring them. One is by wireless and the other is with a wire.

CamNest.UK is an online shop that sell bird camera boxes. They do not sell wireless boxes any more though – because of quality picture reasons.

The prices vary as well. This would be a present to myself, so will find out more before I decide which bird camera box to get.

Any advice or knowledge would be welcome.

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