A new nest for Martin chicks

our swallows have had 2 broods, the latest which are fledging now (Sept 19th). They appear very healthy and happy!

We also had a Martins nest that fell to the ground spilling the young chicks out. Fortuneatley I found them before the neighbours cat and rigged up a new nest from a pond basket, some sacking and a plastic microwave cover with a hole cut in it.

I attached it to the drain pipe near where the nest was and its been 100% successful, in fact they appear to be quite used to me peering in from time to time.

We have an abundance of wildlife here, lots of sparrows too which apparently are declining elsewhere. It could be the air quality causing problems elsewhere; we live on a hill where the air is very clean. I like to think it’s just nature adjusting to evironmental changes: the birds know far more than us!

It’s good to hear of a success story isn’t it?  I received the above comment and was really pleased to hear that their efforts were successful.

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