Why are three swallows left behind?

hi could anyone tell me when these swallows migrate because i saw three sat sept 19 .  All the others which we have been seeing about a mile away seem to have gone.  Me  and a pal of mine who owns the old farm building where we saw them are just curious as to why these three are still here – bob


I received the above question yesterday

Can anyone give a definite answer?  I’ve put my thoughts below

Bob please let us know the date the 3 swallows do migrate.

My reply –

Hi Bob, There is no one date when swallows migrate. It can depend on the weather here – if the weather is wet and the food is short swallows migrate earlier.

Swallows often have more than one brood.  These  3 swallows could be from a second brood and they are not fully fledged yet.

Saying that, it is strange why these three have not migrated with the others in the area. I don’t have one correct answer to that. Even if they were young swallows they should still make the journey – just maybe later than others

Keep an eye on them – they should migrate very soon.


7 thoughts on “Why are three swallows left behind?

  1. Lynda Freebrey

    Have just found your site through a Google search on swallows not migrating. Our pair of swallows nesting in our stable this year hatched and reared three broods, the last with five chicks. We noticed yesterday(27th Sept 09) that they have all flown south leaving one little sibling behind. He has been out flying with them every day and only seemed to be a day behind is brothers. Why has he been left behind ? There don’t seem to be any swallows left in the village. Surely he won’t attempt the journey alone ? I am worried for his survival.

  2. Julia Marris

    Just read your comment I have the same problem 2 little swallows sat on the beam, all the others have left. Is it too late for them to fly off to warmer climates? I hope not

  3. elaine pink

    we also have a swallow that has not migrated with the rest of it’s family – it sits in our open garage almost all day – only flying out if we go in there – then it calls out when flying – it’s very very sad as we think he has no-one to follow so doesn’t know what to do – is he doomed to die ? Could we do anything to help ( 8 Oct )

  4. williams

    sept 17 /2013…4 young swallows seem not to have migrated-have seen them flying,but making lot of noise in nest-is there a chance they could go, or do they need parents to take them…seems sad.

  5. Trish Post author

    Because of these comments, I have been finding out more about this. It seems, as it’s still September, the swallows could be fattening themselves up for the long journey.

    Swallows do fly in October so there’s time yet for
    them to migrate – it will be a safe place for them – and warm.
    So, they could know they are not fit and fat enough to fly with the others are waiting for the right moment.

    I hope they are not with you in the middle of October

    Let me know what happens


  6. Ann

    We have had over 30 swallows nesting at our house, they have all left last week except one. What will happen to it

  7. Gail

    For years I have had swallows in my horses stable. This year they had their 2nd brood very late, 3 chicks hatched end of August. They all flew last Saturday (19 Sep) with both parents returning to the nest. Dad then left and mum stood guard. By Thursday only 2 returned to the nest. Same on Friday. On Saturday only one returned, calling a lot then settled, and this is now Monday 28 Sep and it’s been on its own for the 3rd night, flying fine and obviously feeding but concerned about migration for this one. It leaves the nest around 0730 and I don’t see it again until around 1815 when I hear it before I see it! Will it be ok? Would never interfere with wildlife unless they needed help but concerned about this little one!

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