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Could I return as a bird?

The sun may be clouded, yet ever the sun
Will sweep on its course till the Cycle is run
And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the Builder reshape a new world.

Your path may be clouded, uncertain your goal,
Move on – for your orbit is fixed to your soul
And though it may lead into darkness of night
The torch of the Builder shall give it new light.

You were, you will be! Know this while you are:
Your spirit has travelled both long and afar
It came from the Source, to the source it returns –
The Spark which was lighted eternally burns.

It slept in a jewel.  It leapt in a wave
It roamed in the forest.  It rose from the grave.
It took on strange garbs for long aeons of years
And now in the soul of yourself it appears.

From body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone


To be continued

This is called MY LAW it is attributed to have been written by a Maori

Fruit for birds

One way to feed birds is to plant a variety of native  shrubs or even hedges.  This is natural food for birds.

Next time you are at a Garden Centre – think British bird

A bush needs planting once and provides fruit and shelter for garden birds for years.

Some of the birds that enjoy berry bearing bushes are

  • thrushes
  • blackbirds
  • starlings
  • finches
  • tits
  • robins and
  • pigeons
  • You may also attract waxwings, redwings or field fares – winter visitors

British species support more insect life thatn non native and are more attractive to birds.

Planting bushes in the garden also gives cover to birds as well as providing bird food every year.

One bush is –

BLACKBERRY OR BRAMBLE (rubus fruticosus)  . Native.

If you have room for a bramble patch in your garden it will be used by birds allthrough the year.

Some of the birds that eat the fruit are – starlings, bullfinches, great tits and blue tits.

Nesting – Blackbirds, warblers, thrushes, long tailed tits, finches and dunnocks will nest in the safety of its prickly branches.

Roosting – In Autumn and winter finches and sparrows will gather in the brample hedge to roost.

To keep the bramble bush / bramble patch thick and attractive to brids trimthe long branches each year to stop them roosting


I will give more bird friendly plant information next week.

Bird Food for Birds

Different bird seed mixtures have been formulated for feeders and for table / ground feeding.

Good quality mixes contain flaked maize, sunflower seeds and peanut granules.

It is better not to buy mixes that have

  • split peas
  • beans
  • dried rice
  • lentils


Bird food need not be bought as a mix – sometimes it is useful to buy individual bird food –

Small seeds such as millet attract

  • house sparrows
  • dunnocks
  • finches
  • reed buntings
  • collared doves

Black sunflower seeds are a really good all year round food for birds

Nyjer seeds are small and black and have a high oil content.  They do need a special type of  feeder or can be covered in melted fat and put on the bird table (the melted fat binds the nyjer seed together and stops it blowing away)

Peanuts are a good bird food

  • Many types of Tits
  • greenfinches
  • house sparrows
  • nuthatches
  • siskins

Crushed or grated nuts attract all the above birds and also

  • robins
  • dunnocks
  • wrens

Nuthatches and coal tits hoard peanuts.  They remember where they are stored and go back to them when food is scarce

Wheat and barley grains in seed mixes are only really suitable for pigeons, doves and pheasants.


Pet Bird Insurance

For peace of mind in times of emergency pet bird insurance could help you give your pet bird the best care. 

Some people may find it hard to imagine but pet birds become loved members of a family.  They great you on a morning – you talk to them and they talk to you.   It can be heart wrenching when they stay in their cage and become ill. 

There seem to be three choices when a bird is ill – use your pet insurance,  pay the vet bills that could be ongoing or have the pet bird put down.

There are companies that do offer pet bird insurance and like any pet birds can become ill. 

VPI  is one pet insurance.  It covers medical treatment and surgeries for accidents and illnesses, for minor treatments and lab fees, x rays and prescriptions.  There are other companies that deal with pet bird insurance

Here are some thying  to think about when looking for pet bird insurance

  • Is pet bird insurance right for you?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • What should you know before you look for pet bird insurance?
  • What does it cover and what doesn’t it cover?


[ad#125x125square]I have been asked to put pet bird insurance on my website and I am pleased to do so. 

I hope it generates a discussion and tips and advice can be exchanged

I remember we looked after a Cockateil once and we had to take it to the vet.  It bit the vet’s finger with his large beak and would not let go!  He (the vet) was very professional and took care not to hurt the bird.  He took the pain until we could get the cockateil off him.

Early morning bird feeding in September

A soft breeze, Not a bird in sight but there is the flutter of wings and  chirpy birdsong coming from inside the hedges.  Then one or two birds show themselves and perch looking in my direction.

I’ve just been putting the early morning bird food out and I get the feeling that there are a few birds just sat there waiting!

A new nest for Martin chicks

our swallows have had 2 broods, the latest which are fledging now (Sept 19th). They appear very healthy and happy!

We also had a Martins nest that fell to the ground spilling the young chicks out. Fortuneatley I found them before the neighbours cat and rigged up a new nest from a pond basket, some sacking and a plastic microwave cover with a hole cut in it.

I attached it to the drain pipe near where the nest was and its been 100% successful, in fact they appear to be quite used to me peering in from time to time.

We have an abundance of wildlife here, lots of sparrows too which apparently are declining elsewhere. It could be the air quality causing problems elsewhere; we live on a hill where the air is very clean. I like to think it’s just nature adjusting to evironmental changes: the birds know far more than us!

It’s good to hear of a success story isn’t it?  I received the above comment and was really pleased to hear that their efforts were successful.

Why are three swallows left behind?

hi could anyone tell me when these swallows migrate because i saw three sat sept 19 .  All the others which we have been seeing about a mile away seem to have gone.  Me  and a pal of mine who owns the old farm building where we saw them are just curious as to why these three are still here – bob


I received the above question yesterday

Can anyone give a definite answer?  I’ve put my thoughts below

Bob please let us know the date the 3 swallows do migrate.

My reply –

Hi Bob, There is no one date when swallows migrate. It can depend on the weather here – if the weather is wet and the food is short swallows migrate earlier.

Swallows often have more than one brood.  These  3 swallows could be from a second brood and they are not fully fledged yet.

Saying that, it is strange why these three have not migrated with the others in the area. I don’t have one correct answer to that. Even if they were young swallows they should still make the journey – just maybe later than others

Keep an eye on them – they should migrate very soon.


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Two week blackout benefits migrating birds

If you click the link below you will see a heart warming story of how in America at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial at St. Louis, MO it’s been decided to turn the lights off to help night flying migrating birds.

It seems that city lights and any artificial light can upset a migrating bird and send it off course.  How tragic is that?

Some migrating birds  navigate by the stars.  They will be safer now the  artificial lights cannot send them off course.  They will be able to see the stars and  will keep flying on course


So artificial light is another item I can add to the reasons why migratory birds are declining in some places.

It seems though that climate change could cause the biggest problem for migrating birds.


Am looking into getting a bird camera box. It would be a treat to see the garden birds that come to my feeder actually in a bird box feeding their young!

Have been wondering which bird camera box would suit me best.

Here are some questions I have thought of

Do all bird camera boxes have sound?
Which one is easiest to clean out?
Are there different ways to wire one up?
Do the bird camera boxes come fully assembled
How long is any cable that comes with the bird camera box
How do you connect it to the computer / television. Do you need a special cable, or nail or drill?

[ad#125x125square]I have realised that you can get a bird box camera on its own or a bird camera box complete.

I have found out that there are two ways of wiring them. One is by wireless and the other is with a wire.

CamNest.UK is an online shop that sell bird camera boxes. They do not sell wireless boxes any more though – because of quality picture reasons.

The prices vary as well. This would be a present to myself, so will find out more before I decide which bird camera box to get.

Any advice or knowledge would be welcome.