Ways to stop bird food blowing off a bird table

Wind is blowing bird food off the bird table.

To stop this happening I coat the  bird seed in melted lard.  The melted lard makes the bird food stick together – a little, not a lot.  This method keeps it on the bird table,  not  in a fatball  but just makes it heavy enough not to be blown away.

[ad#125x125square]A second way to stop  bird food blowing off a bird table is  put a small container on the birdtale and put the bird food inside the container

Does anyone have any other tips on how to stop  bird seed  food blowing off a bird table


I find it annoying that bird food I’ve bought and paid for goes blowing away in the wind which is why I go to the trouble of stopping it happening.

Another good thing about coating the bird seed with lard is that it gives the birds an extra feed – they get bird food and fat as well!

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