When hanging feeders  are blown by the wind they tip sideways  and it is easy for the seed to be blown out of the feeders.

I know this as I have watched this happen – bird food being blown out of the portals of a hanging feeder – what a waste of bird food.

But here is a solution – stop the feeder from blowing about.

Here is a photograph and  also  a written  solution from John on how to stop seed escaping from feeders in strong winds.

Bird Feeder Secure Against the Wind

Bird Feeder Secure Against the Wind

John  tried the following with success!

Feeders hang from a horizontal length of wood fixed to the top of a two
inch square post.

Under the seed feeder is a small platform of wood.

The sparrows much prefer to sit on this to feed.

On the platform is a small angle bracket which just fits into a tube which is part of the bottom of the plastic feeder which is used. The feeder can vibrate a bit but lost a negligable amount of seed int high winds .


Isn’t that a good idea?  Cheers John –





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