I like your article. I am very interested in any info on sparrows.

I found a baby house sparrow in my backyard last June. The mother never came back to feed it.

I syringe fed it and it now lives loose inside our home with us. I don’t clip his wings. He sleeps in my silk trees at night. He has a territory of our family room/kitchen and our bedroom/bath, that is all. He will not explore the rest of the home.

It doesn’t even try to go outside. He did spook and flew out one time when young but came right back to me the next morning when I yelled “YUM YUM” and he saw me eating.

New things and places scare him or anything which was not in his early experience. He is determined to stay on my shoulder when I blow dry my hair without fear but a new toy for his always open cage spooks him.  He thinks I am a play toy. He plays tug o war with my hair and even tries to put his beak up my nose when I nap.

A very curious bird! He likes to finger box me, what an aggressive bird! He will peck at my  eye or fingernail just for the fun of it.

He has no fear of my 6 dogs either, one is 150 lb newfoundland. He likes to dive in front of my newfoundland and beat them to the water bowl. He then will make him wait while he hangs upside down and takes a bath. What an attitude he has! He is the best!


I was looking through some old readers comments and found this one about a pet sparrow.  I received this comment in January 2008.  I’m going to try and find out if they still have this little sparrow.   It would be interesting to know wouldn’t it



  1. Deborah Lex

    I rescued a baby female house sparrow (injured and bleeding from another larger bird) and it ended up tame before it healed and I could release it. This is the happiest bird I’ve ever seen. I cut peices of straws in 1 inch sections. “Peep” bites the end and makes it fling about a foot, and plays this game for an hour at a time.

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