Early Morning Bird Feeding

I put all the bird food out early this morning.  There were some sparrows looking for food on the empty feeders before I put the food out

Sometimes if a ‘sparrow’ is only in my sight for a second and I can’t tell if it’s a dunnock or  a sparrow.   I really must learn how to  quickly see the difference between a sparrow and a dunnock.

But then again, maybe it doesn’t matter that I get a bit confused between birds sometimes.  Someone once said you can know the name of every bird but not understand a thing about them.  At least I understand that it helps them if I feed them!

It’s a lovely morning here.  The breeze is light and fresh.  The world hasn’t really woken up yet.  There is still the feeling that the day is fresh and the birds, wildlife, the wind, the sun and all the plants, hedges and trees are important to this world – and we aren’t!

I bought some bird food yesterday. Stil haven’t told The Husband.  I bought two big bags (it’s cheaper that way and it lasts longer ) yesterday.  I lugged them from the car boot to the two black dustbins where I keep the bird food.   Slammed the lids on them.  Decided I’d find the right time to tell him – but things on the farm have been hectic. so I haven’t been able to find the right time.

Combine broke down, we had to round up some heifers and move them from their field because they had eaten all the grass.  There is still the milking to do twice a day inbetween this busy harvest time.  So I haven’t found time to tell him yet that I’ve bought two big bags of bird food.   But putting the bird food out and watching the sparrows, dunnocks (?), blackbirds, bluetits, great tits and chaffinches flying about near the feeders like a group of acrobats at a circus made me think I’d done the right thing in buying the bird food.

I’ll go and get my breakfast now.  Have a good day.  Make the most of this day – it won’t come again!


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