Decline in Birds Locally and Worldwide?

A reader has posed this question –


I am not sure who to ask but in the last week we have noticed that all our small birds seem to have disappeared ie blue tits, chaffinch, robins, sparrows, ywllow hammers, nut hatch.

The black birds and the thrush’s seem to be down in numbers. I live in a small village in the lake district a very rural area and can’t account for why we are not seeing these small birds. Has any one else reported a problem.

[ad#125x125square]The larger birds ie crows and pigeons are still around.  We  have a very large garden surrounded by trees.  We still have rabbits in our garden and are blessed with the occasional sight of a red squirrel. 

I and my daughter made a special point of keeping an eye on the bird table all day and after about 4 hours we saw one blue tit and a couple of crows and one pidgeon.  Normally we have plenty of small birds as well as the pidgeons and crows.

I have seen a website which  is talking about disappearing birds worldwide.

 I know that there is a lot of food for birds in the actual countryside at the moment, but wonder if other readers can shed light on why so many birds have disappeared from her area and if there is a report that shows that this is a worldwide trend.

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