Bird Video – A Thrush

Here is a close up video of a Thrush on my birdtable in my Yorkshire Garden.

Luckily you didn’t have to sit through the 17 minutes of the video.  I watched 15 minutes of empty bird table and was rewarded with two minutes of birds actually on the bird table!

The white busbi video that I left perched (and recording) on my birdtable frightened most of the birds away.  I was watching for part of the time from my kitchen window and birds were flying round, nearly landing and then flying up and away. 

Luckily one or two birds hopped onto the bird table – this thrush was one of them!

If I keep a white object on the bird table all the time the garde birds  won’t take  any notice when the small busbi video is recording there.

Is it a Mistle Thrush?

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