Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Some Songbirds are getting smaller – it’s official

Staff at the Australian National University of Canberra measured the wingspan of some of the song birds that are in museum collections in south-eastern Australia.

[ad#125x125square]Eight species of birds which had been collected between 1860 and 2001 were measured. The University found that four species of bird showed a significant decrease in body size of up to 4 per cent . This is over the last 100 years (approximately) . The researchers ruled out that this decrease in size was due to lack of nutrition.

Other information  –   In 2006 Professor Yoram Tom-Tov led a study that found that bullfinches, blue tits, dunnocks and great tits weigh less than they used to.

How Many Birds are Singing?

How many birds are packed inside this hedge!?

We’ll never know but isn’t their singing joyous!

The birdsong is coming from my Laurel Hedge.  This hedge  is used every day and every night by goodness knows how many birds.  There is always birdsong in the hedge as I pass.