Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19 #
  • Swallow chick safe in nest #
  • Rook – A Video #
  • Blackbird Facts #
  • Putting long garden canes round the birdtable has stopped large birds eating the bird food. It’s great! The thrushes + others are back #
  • There has been torrential rain over the past few days. It’s great! the dew pond that we cleaned out is filling up nicely. It looks lovely #
  • Waiting for harvest here on the farm. The weather decides when we start. We are lucky we live in a country where we can grow good food #
  • Can’t stop thinking of when a sparrowhawk landed at my feet with a young, healthy blackbird in it’s talons. For a second all was still.. #
  • Counting Sheep #
  • Cause of seabird wrecks found #
  • mp3loud-and-clear-2358 Aren’t birds cheery little things #
  • Barn Owl Tragedy #
  • The Painted Ladies are coming! #
  • Millet Bird Food #

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