Torrential rain and happiness

There was so much rain yesterday morning .  It bounced off the tarmac and ran in riverlets down the lane.  

It was dull, dismal and raining, but I was happy.     Are you wondering why I was happy?   No?  Well I’ll tell you anyway

I looked out of the window and there on the birdtable, where previously pigeons and rooks had gathered, was a thrush.  A thrush was  standing  and eating on the birdtable. 

This is the birdtable that has a new, modern, unique  foolproof way of keeping large birds away.   (So it had been worth it going outside in the rain to put bird food out on the bird table

Also,  great tits, chaffinches and blackbirds and sparrows are still coming to the Modern, Unique and pigeon proof  Bird Table.  I have seen these garden birds plus a wet and bedraggled  blue tit in the space of about ten minutes on the bird table

This modern 21C invention that stops pigeons, rooks and crows from balancing and landing on a bird table


New and unique way to keep pigeons away

 You can laugh if you want to, but for so long I have had Rooks, Crows, Jackdaws and pigeons taking over the bird food.  I have been fed up with it.  The garden birds have been sidelined. 

I have tried different ways to keep the large birds out .

Some ways  like the covered ground feeder have worked  for the smaller garden birds – but putting cane round a birdtable lets thrushes and blackbirds in as well as the  smaller garden birds

I watched the thrush through the kitchen window and it was there for quite a few minutes just casually eating the bird food on the bird table – in safety and without fear of being pushed out by pigeons, rooks and crows.

If you have problems with larger birds getting all the bird food why not get some canes from any garden centre and give this a try. Then send any photos you take to me. 

I’m sure I could put the rods further into the ground and further away from the bird table, but have not been able to yet. 


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