Thrush asleep on a bird table

I’m up and about early this morning – 5.15am. Looking out the window I saw a thrush on the birdtable. It seemed to be asleep, but could have been ‘sitting, resting’ there waiting for food.

My movement at the window startled the thrush and it flew away in a flash.

I couldn’t help but wondered why it was resting on my birdtable and not roosting in a hedge

[ad#125x125square]The thought occurred to me that maybe it felt safer on the bird table than in the hedge.

The birdtable is the one that I have put garden canes round. I did this to stop large birds getting onto the birdtable. It has worked! The canes stop the large birds balancing on the bird table. The thrushes, blackbirds and smaller birds just fly inbetween the canes. It does not look pretty and I’m going to sort the canes out better – but it is now used by many birds and I put loads of bird food out every day knowing only garden birds will get the food.

New and unique way to keep pigeons away

Getting back to why the thrush was resting on the birdtable. I have seen with my own eyes a sparrowhawk dive into my garden hedge to get a blackbird – SPARROWHAWK AND BLACKBIRD

Is it possible that there is a sparrowhawk around maurauding the hedges – or even a magpie – and the thrush went to the birdtable for safety.


For me this strange birdtable with canes is the only way I have found that allows thrushes and blackbirds to get bird food yet keeps rooks, pigeons, ravens, crows off. I have some caged, hanging bird feeders and a ground covered bird feeder – but blackbirds and thrushes can’t use them.


I know sparrowhawks won’t go into a prickly Hawthorn bush / hedge to get prey. I don’t have any Hawthorn in my garden but there is a lot down the lane. Maybe we should plant Hawthorn.


Do you have thrushes resting in your bird table?

Have you had to solve any problems of large birds getting bird food?

Have a good day. Trisha – 6am!



2 thoughts on “Thrush asleep on a bird table

  1. Merry

    Hi Trish!
    I have hidden some RSPB Sprinkles under the fallen leaves in the hope that the blackbirds will find them and the woodpigeons won’t! Probably won’t work but worth a try. I put out a whole fat ball on the ground. The blackbird was having a wonderful feast until a carrion crow swooped down and took off with the whole ball in it’s mouth! I was furious! Mind you, it was funny watching it trying to keep it from all the seagulls which suddenly appeared!

  2. Trish Post author

    Hi Merry, What a good idea to hide food under leaves for blackbirds – I may give it a try

    Isn’t it strange that birds seem to know when food is about – like the seagulls trying to steal from the crow.

    Thanks for getting in touch

    I have also put your idea my forum which I’m getting back to after not being able to do anything much with it.

    This is the link if you’d like to take a look



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