I am lucky that I am getting a lot of blackbirds and thrushes in my garden at the moment.

I’m putting some softbill bird mix near the small bush in the garden and on the  bird tables.  This attracts a flurry of blackbirds and thrushes hopping inside and around the bush (sorry I can’t get a photo that is good enough to put on here)

Softbill Birds are birds that have difficulty with the tough outer skins of most bird seeds.  Soft bill bird food mix is a blend of bird food which makes it easy for softbill birds to eat.

I also put out grated cheese and cut up apples.

Some softbill birds are

Blackbirds,  Thrushes,  Robins, Wagtails

Blackbird in my garden

Blackbird in my garden


An early bird looking for an early worm

An early bird looking for an early worm


Robin in Wointer

Robin in Wointer

Softbill mix can –

  •  be fed all year round. 
  • be fed on the ground
  • be fed a birdtable.


Haith's - Trusted Bird Food Since 1937

So please remember the blackbirds and the thrushes and other softbill birds when you put your bird food out

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  1. Trish Post author

    Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you liked the pictures.

    It'[s interesting that birds beaks determine what they eat isn’t it.
    Cheers. Trisha

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