Harvest is nearly here


Growing our food

Growing our food

A field of corn
Food has been grown here for over 4,000 years.  Seasons have come and gone over those years.
Wonder when birds first appeared in this corner of East Yorkshire. 
Roman coins have been found in this field.  There is a double ditch trackway nearby .  If anyone can enlighten me to exactly what a double ditch trackway is I would be grateful
Owls fly alongside the hedges, a few swallows dip over the fields, partridges and pheasants skurry in the hedge row, 
The blue sky is dotted with different birds.  Rooks and pigeons take off from the telephone wires together and zip through the skies.
Can you think of a caption that suits this photo

Can you think of a caption that suits this photo

As I walk along the lane it alive with birdsong.  The high hedges are home to many birds.  Small sparrows skim at fence height along the lane. Blackbirds fly along the hedge. 
There are many other birds in the distance that I cannot make out
When you think about it everyone and everything in this world depends on the changing seasons for food – and therefore for survival.
Birds and wild animals are closer to these changing seasons than we are, but perhaps we are just as dependent on this growing cycle as they are

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