Feeding Birds Through the Years

The other day my knee hurt.  Today my ankle hurts.  My back hurts as well.

One day, some time in the future I will be too ill and old to put bird food out.

Different generations of birds will keep on coming to my bird feeders – if there is bird food there.

I have seen two young birds on a fence near the bird table.  I suppose next year those same ‘fledglings’ will be brining their young to my bird tables.  And so it will go on.

I’m writing this sitting at a window that looks onto one of the bird tables.

Whoever lives here after me won’t continue my daily routine of bird feeding and putting out a variety of food such as peanut granules, black sunflower seed, grated cheese, sliced apple, bird food mixes etc.

So one day this will come to an end.  What will my feathered friends do then?

Fly off to the next birdtable I expect!

They will survive and that’s all ther matters.

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