Cleaning Bird Tables

During July when the weather is warm disease can spread quickly

To help young birds and adult birds survive it is a good idea to clean the bird tables etc and take notice of keeping the bird feeding areas clean. 

I keep a scrubbing brush, cloth and small bucket for the job.  I use really hot water to clean the bird tables. 

At the moment the area round the ground feeders and birdtables is clean.

There isn’t any bird food left near the bird tables and not a bird dropping in sight.

One of the diseases that birds can get is TRICHOMONIASIS

This cleaning needs to be done all year round.

I put some canes round one bird table to stop large birds such as pigeons getting the bird food.  I only moved two canes to get to the bird table to clean it.  It was not difficult

Cleaning the birdtables and the areas around the feeding areas doesn’t take long and helps keep young birds and older birds healthy.  This makes it worthwhile doing

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