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A river flows on through the vale of Cheapside

At the corner of Wood Street, when daylight appears,
Hangs a thrush that sings loud – it has sung for three years.
Poor Susan has passed by the spot, and has heard
In the silence of morning the song of the bird.

‘Tis a note of enchantment: what ails her?  She sees
A mountain ascending, a vision of trees:
Bright volumes of vapour through Lothbury glide,
And a river flows on through the vale of Cheapside.

Green pastures she views in the midst of the dale,
Down which she so often has tripped with her pail;
And a single small cottage, a nest like a dove’s,
The one only dwelling on earth that she loves.

She looks, and her heart is in heaven: but they fade,
The mist and the river, the hill and the shade;
The stream will not flow, and the hill will not rise,
And the colours have all passed away from her eyes.


REVERIE OF POOR SUSAN – Wordsworth 1770-1850

I think this poem paints a picture of how birds  can connect us to nature.  

If  you have any poems / nursery rhymes about birds drop me a comment

Thrush asleep on a bird table

I’m up and about early this morning – 5.15am. Looking out the window I saw a thrush on the birdtable. It seemed to be asleep, but could have been ‘sitting, resting’ there waiting for food.

My movement at the window startled the thrush and it flew away in a flash.

I couldn’t help but wondered why it was resting on my birdtable and not roosting in a hedge

[ad#125x125square]The thought occurred to me that maybe it felt safer on the bird table than in the hedge.

The birdtable is the one that I have put garden canes round. I did this to stop large birds getting onto the birdtable. It has worked! The canes stop the large birds balancing on the bird table. The thrushes, blackbirds and smaller birds just fly inbetween the canes. It does not look pretty and I’m going to sort the canes out better – but it is now used by many birds and I put loads of bird food out every day knowing only garden birds will get the food.

New and unique way to keep pigeons away

Getting back to why the thrush was resting on the birdtable. I have seen with my own eyes a sparrowhawk dive into my garden hedge to get a blackbird – SPARROWHAWK AND BLACKBIRD

Is it possible that there is a sparrowhawk around maurauding the hedges – or even a magpie – and the thrush went to the birdtable for safety.


For me this strange birdtable with canes is the only way I have found that allows thrushes and blackbirds to get bird food yet keeps rooks, pigeons, ravens, crows off. I have some caged, hanging bird feeders and a ground covered bird feeder – but blackbirds and thrushes can’t use them.


I know sparrowhawks won’t go into a prickly Hawthorn bush / hedge to get prey. I don’t have any Hawthorn in my garden but there is a lot down the lane. Maybe we should plant Hawthorn.


Do you have thrushes resting in your bird table?

Have you had to solve any problems of large birds getting bird food?

Have a good day. Trisha – 6am!