Daily Archives: July 16, 2009

Magpies raiding a blackbirds nest

I remember talking to someone last year who had  seen two blackbirds  trying  stop two magpies stealing the blackbirds’ eggs.

The blackbirds failed.  The magpies  won.  The magpies took the blackbird eggs by raiding the nest

If this happens every year unseen by us then is it any wonder that blackbird numbers are falling.

Magpies have been raiding birds nests for years.  It is a well known fact they skim along hedges raiding nests.

Two ways to help keep birds and birds eggs safe  – 


  • Put up nest boxes  – Make sure the nest box does not have any perches.  The exterior of a nest box is a dangerous place for birds.  Perches on nest boxes encourage birds to rest outside the nest box and so make it easier for them to be seen by predators. 

    Novelty bird boxes may look nice, but the tried and tested bird boxes give a reliable nesting home to many birds.

Magpies are scavengers.

Here is a video of a magpie that came to my lawn