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I get a lot of people asking how they can keep pigeons off bird tables. 

Shown for the first time on Bird Table News – a  new method of keeping pigeons (and other large birds ) off bird tables –  which really does work

This is not an expensive high tech invention but it really does work.

The reason I’m really pleased with it is because for the first time in ages I have had a number of thrushes, blackbirds, chaffinches, sparrows casually visiting this birdtable – safe in the knowledge

  1. A predator cannot get at them
  2. Pigeons cannot fly onto the bird table
  3. Rooks, crows cannot get onto the bird table
  4. There is a supply of birdfood throughout the day on this birdtable that will not be eaten by larger birds

This must be good as this is a busy time of year for birds.

As usual with most things I do  – the first thing I needed was some string

The second thing I needed was garden canes which can be bought at garden centres

Garden canes keep pigeons off bird table

Garden canes keep pigeons, predators and other larger birds off bird table

New and unique way to keep pigeons away

New and unique way to keep pigeons away

 Alright.  Alright.  I know it’s a bit Heath Robinson, but  it works.

It does not look pretty and  some would say it looks a bit silly.  I am going to do it better in the next week or two – but it does work.

 The large birds cannot balance themselves to get through the canes.

  I think I should have put the canes further away from the bird table and secured them further into the ground, but then the wind would blow them over.

If  anyone has any advice on how to improve on using this cane method I’d be grateful. 

Also if you try this please method could you send me some pictures or leave a comment and let me know.

[ad#125x125square]I haven’t been able to get any photos of birds on the birdtable yet , but it is so lovely to get the thrushes, blackbirds, sparrows, chaffinches plus more back onto the birdtable.  It’s great to see them take their time at the bird food I put out and not be shoved off by pigeons.

Here are two birds I’ve seen at the bird table recently.

I love grated cheese from the birdtable

I love grated cheese from the birdtable





I have been trying different things for ages.  I have tried wire round a bird table but the pigeons could balance on the mesh of the wire and hop inside the wire to get at the bird food

I like feeding blackbirds and thrushes.  Here is another way I tried

Pigeons can be very clever

Pigeons can be very clever

I left the cage door open so that thrushes and blackbirds could get in.  I did not expect a pigeon to poke it’s beak and then push itself inside this feeder.


In the past I have had help and advice from readers who have  solved this problem in different ways .  I will repeat their suggestions soon.

I was lucky enough to get some advice on my new YORKSHIRE BIRD FORUM . 

This advice on how canes can help keep pigeons away was from FARMING FRIENDS and TOPVEG   

The plus side to this very basic method is it also keeps rooks and crows off the birdtable. 

There must be thousands of people like me who have problems with pigeons and other larger birds eating all the bird food – could this be the answer.

Make a comment now and let me know what you think.  Good or Bad – I don’t mind.  I’m just interested in if you think it’s a good idea and are likely to try it.

Trisha from Bird Table News