Owls nesting in town

An Young Owl in Town

There's a Young Owl in Town

Hi Trish,  Here is a picture of the baby owl that Penny told you about. 
We have four altogether and are getting bigger by the day. 
The parents don’t seem to bother about us going to talk to them, just keep a watchful eye over us. 
The babies are very co-operative while we are there and will sit for ages.  The one on the wall hadn’t been out of the box that long and he sat there while I managed to get within about 6ft and never even flinched when I took the photo!  Regards – J and W
Thank you J and W for sending this photographs. 
So owls have been nesting in a town garden.  They have reared 4 young and this photo is of one of the young owls.
These owls don’t seem frightened or wary of humans – just take them for granted.  This is the opposite of countryside owls who stear clear of humans!
It’s great to receive this photograph and read such an interesting story of owls nesting in town.  Amazing. 
If anyone else has any photos (or videos) I’d love to see them.
Owls nesting in a town garden
Young Owl having a snooze


On eves of cold, when slow coal fires,

rooted in basements, burn and branch,

brushing with smoke the city air,

When quartered moons pale in the sky,

and neons glow along the dark

like deadly nightshade on a briar,

Above the muffled traffic then

I hear the owl, and at his note

I shudder in my private chair.

For like an auger he has come

to roost among our crumbling walls,

his blooded talons sheathed in fur.

Some secret lure of time it seems

has called him from his country wastes

to hunt a newer wasteland here.

And where the candlabra swung

bright with the dancers’ thousand eyes,

now his black, hooded pupils stare,

And where the silk-shoed lovers ran

with dust of diamonds in their hair,

he opens now his silent wing,

And like a stroke of doom, drops down,

and swoops across the empty hall,

and plucks a quick mouse off the stair …

Laurie Lee


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