Decline in Garden Birds

In 2008 robins, great tits and garden warblers had their worst breeding season that has ever been recorded.

 These birds, along with other species, have been monitored by a ringing scheme over the past 25 years by the British Trust for Ornithology

 The  organiser of the Trust’s Constant Effort Sites (CES) ringing scheme, Mark Grantham stated that  last year’s wet and windy summer once again played a large part in reducing the number of chicks birds were able to rear successfully.

 The blackbird, great tit and song thrush had a drop of more than 30% in the number of young they reared.  This is a disaster.

 2008’s breeding problems followed on from 2007’s breeding problems – when May to July was the wettest on record.

  Rain over long periods in the breeding season can stop parent birds from finding food for their young.  The parents have to stay away from the nest for longer as it takes longer to find food when it is torrential rain as food is inaccessible (This must be  why I have so many birds at the feeders when it is raining)

 The young chicks can also get wet in the nest, get drenched, wet and die in the nest.

 If this bad weather in the breeding season continues how this garden will birds cope.

 What I wonder is – with such a drop in the numbers of garden birds rearing their young shouldn’t the RSPB look into the matter of Birds of Prey attacking garden birds. Surely if the number of birds being reared is declining then the fact that birds of prey are taking garden birds as well much effect garden bird numbers.

Lets feed these garden birds and help them survive.

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