Dawn – Please get in touch

Dear Dawn, Thank you for sending all the photographs on DVD.  They are really wonderful.  Please get in touch.

I am so glad you sent a letter with the DVD as I cannot find your email that you  mention in your letter.  I have looked and looked.  I am so careful with emails – but this time something has gone wrong

 I am still learning how to get the photos from the disk onto Bird Table News!  I haven’t been able to sort that out yet, so have not been able to put them on Bird Table News. Apologies for that

Could you email or get in touch by comment again so I can say thanks.

I have enjoyed looking at your photos, such a variety and so clear. Thanks.

Will put my techncal hat on again and see if I can sort out the technical stuff so I can put them on Bird Table News.  It is so annoying that I can’t.

In answer to your question – Last year I used Vista Print to design my calendar.  It was difficult but worth doing.  A calendar with my own photos on – great!

How wonderful that you have seen a seal.  Lucky you. 

Take care.  Trisha

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