Blackbirds with some white feathers. comments I have received

I have received comments from so many different areas.

It really is interesting, but also a little worrying as if a bird has white feathers there is usually is, or has been something the matter with the bird..

  here are some of the sightings from different parts of the USA –

J from Manahawkin, JN 
“I have a common crackle with white tail feathers at my feeder right now.  I’ve also spotted a common grackle with white tail feathers and a white band around the neck!”

W from Alvin, Tx,
I live in Alvin Tx and have seen a black bird inback yard every day with 2 white tail feathers.  I am 59 and this is my first”

F from Area not known
On May 4th, 2009 at approximately 4:15 PM
To all who have seen the Whitetailed Blackbird, he/she. .  My wife told me of seeing the bird in our small maple tree recently.  Yesterday, while I sat looking through the websites for blackbirds with white tails, Carolyn, my wife, softly spoke my name several times.  I got up and went to the front door and Carolyn said for me to look in the top of the tree.  Excitely, I turned and made for the camera.  I shot ten photos and all but one took well enough to show the white tail feather and several profiles appear to indicate it is a blackbird, i.e., head and beak shape and body color.  It seemed excited that I wanted to take it’s picture and so it did several poses; opened it’s wings and changed from front to rear views allowing for great photos of the single cented white tail feather.  This is the first of this breed I have seen in the south east or south west or mid west. 

Mary – Williamsburg
I saw a white tailed blackbird at my feeders today.  It also had a white area on the back of the neck.  I live in Williamsburg va

David, Lascassas Tn
Wife called me to window.  We watched birds at feeders. Interesting there was a blackbird with one white feather among allthe other black birds.  I am 61 and have never seen one.

H, Willoughby Ohio (NE of Cleveland)
18 April 2009 
I just saw a blackbird with a white tail.  Down the centre was a narrow line of black but the rest of the tail was white.  The bird was the size of a grackle

S from East Central Iowa,
We live in East Central Iowa.  I have seen, in the past couple warm seasons, a similar bird.  The one here seems to similar in size to a grackle.  It also has the iredescent colors and black, but the tail feathers are completely white.

I have been trying to photograph it but it disappears like a ghost.  There is usually only one and it only appears in spring and summer.  Must be a smart bird!  Just saw it today 4/22/09 and am actively watching for it.  We do have a wetland not more than 100 yards from our home, city habitat and farmland everywhere.  It get good photos I will try to post them somewhere. 

A – 
I have seen a black bird with white tailfeathers in my backyard – noticed it about 3 weeks ago – thought at first someone had glued a white tongue-depressor or something to his tail, but no, his tailfeathers are long and white – saw him take off a short while ago and amp; he spread his tail feathers – definitely feathers.  Went through my bird book and came up zip?????

B from Maryland
My dad saw a black bird with white tail feathers at his feeder.  He has never seen it before and it has not come back yet.  He lives in southern Maryland

H – 
I’ve noticed a medium sized black coloured bird witha  single white tail feather in my back garden.  The tail feather seems to be completely white both from the top and the bottom.  It has been around a few times this spring.  I also noticed it last spring but never see it in the summer, fall or winter.  Any idea what it is?


  • H only sees it in Spring
  • S only sees it in Spring and Summer


  •  W from Alvin, Tx is 59 and has never seen one before”
  • D from Lascalles  is  61 and has never seen one before.

I think the bottom two notes are a little worrying as they imply that seeing a white tailed blackbird  is something new.  White feathers could be a sign that birds are lacking in bird vitamins.

I wonder if lack of good quality food is one of the reasons.


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  1. Marge

    My husband and I saw an all white bird among a flock of black ones in our back yard last week. Although they are somewhat blurred, I was able to take some photos of it. Everyone I showed them to was amazed and said they never saw that before. I’m not superstitious but was wondering if there was such a thing as an omen of some kind. We live in northeast Ohio and have seen lots of different birds in our yard but thought this was unusual. Is there such a thing as albino birds?

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