Video of cows – but where are the swallows

Usually more swallows have arrived back at this time of year.  Swallows  often follow the cows as the cows walk to and fro from the milking parlour. 

It was a windy day when I took this video which is why there is so much noise.  It is the wind howling round the busbi camcorder

2 thoughts on “Video of cows – but where are the swallows

  1. Faye Sanford

    Kingston Washington I can almost set the clock by our swallows return on March 23rd. this year not one. Where are they?

  2. Trisha

    I wish I knew where the swallows are. Swallows are at the mercy of worldwide events so it is hard to find a precise reason.

    Perhaps their radar told them to wait for better weather before they set off, but that is being hopeful

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