Photograph of white tailed blackbird

White tailed blackbird – a photograph 

Have you seen a white feathered blackbird like this?

Rick from the USA has kindly sent me this photograph.
Have you seen a white feathered bird like this

Have you seen a white feathered bird like this

 A lot of people are telling me they have seen white feathered blackbirds and I wondered if they were like this bird.

The white feather could be  “leucism” or partial albinism,  This is a condition where single feathers or patches of feathers are lacking their normal pigment. 

It has been connected with lack of correct food.  I wondered if this was connected with climate change or with lack of habitat. 

 In the meantime –


It seems , whatever the reason, there is something wrong for a blackbird to have any white feathers.  I will see what else I can find out.



4 thoughts on “Photograph of white tailed blackbird

  1. bill

    Does anyone have a picture of a white tailed, white ring necked blackbird that can be shared? WE saw one for the first time in Northern Illinois on May 6 2012. What is their native habitat?

  2. Theresa

    I just had a white tailed blackbird at my birdfeeder. It was with five other blackbirds, a cardinal, and a few sparrows. Everyone seemed to get along just fine. I have read that the solid blackbirds will chase away the blackbirds with white, but that did not happen here. The bird looked healthy to me.

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