Caged Bird Feeders For Sale

Caged Bird Feeders are a brilliant way to keep large birds like pigeons and rooks of bird food.

Pigeons and rooks can so often take over the bird feeders and the smaller garden birds don’t get a look in so Caged Feeders can provide part of the solution.

Here are two ways to keep large birds away from bird food –


Banqueting Hall and Round Sanctuary Bird Feeder

This can be used as a hanging feeder or a ground feeder

Banqueting Hall and Round Sanctuary

To buy now or to find our more click this link  

Banqueting Hall and Round Sanctuary Bird Feeder



Choice Ground Guard

Has adjustable mesh andcan be secured to the ground

Choice Ground Guard

To buy now or find our more click this link – 

Choice Ground Guard


Both these feeders are sold by Garden Bird Supplies

I have bought different types of bird food and bird feeders from Garden Bird Supplies over the years and they have always given good quality service

Chris Packham, Co-Presenter of the BBC programme Springwatch recommends and works in conjunction with Garden Bird Supplies.

2 thoughts on “Caged Bird Feeders For Sale

  1. Phil Cragg

    Starlings – and how to keep them out of the bird feeder. We have a caged bird feeder, which is meant to keep out squirrels and larger birds, which it does, up to a point. The problem is that although the starlings, pigeons, jackdaws, magpies etc. certainly can’t get through the mesh, they can perch on the outside and reach inside to gobble up the suet/fat. i.e. the cage is too near the food. Do you have a feeder cage which is large enough to prevent even the most persistent starling from stretching his/her neck through the mesh?

  2. Trish Post author

    Starlings are hard to keep out of feeders. . I’ve found out a lot of birds just reach their beaks inside hanging feeders . I have a ground caged feeder which I bought from Soar Mill Seeds – here is a link.

    This is one with small mesh. Only smaller birds can get in and starlings won’t put their beaks through as they won’t get the feed. Put the feed in the middle of the cage.

    I have blackbirds that come every day but the starlings are here now and just take over. I find I’m putting more feed out just to make sure that the blackbirds get some! Hope this helps

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