Bird eating bird in Hollywood

While on a recent trip to Disney (Hollywood Studios) my 10 year old daughter and I were enjoying watching a sparrow feed its cute baby. However, a blackbird came down, attacked the baby and killed it right in front of us.

I told my daughter to look away, but it was too late. She was in tears and extremely upset for the rest of the evening!

It would just see the young sparrow as an easy meal. We can’t understand this can we? I was once told it is the way of nature. In the wild things feed off other each other.

Thanks for sharing this with us. It is amazing that this happened at Disney (Hollywood Studios). When I saw a bird eating a bird I was in the middle of the countryside with no one about at all.

I suppose as long as there are birds of prey we will always get this, but it is horrible to see.

I also saw a sparrowhawk with it’s talons around a blackbird. Horrible and Amazing. Trisha


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