White tailed bird – please identify

White tailed black bird in the USA –  we’d love some help identifying this bird

I’ve been sent some photos of a black bird that has a white tail.  We really want to see what bird it is. Can anyone help

Below are the   photos that were sent from the USA (thanks for sending them Angie)

bird i.d. needed

bird i.d. needed


Black bird with a white tail

Black bird with a white tail

Is this a young bird

Is this a young bird

Angie says – I wasn’t going to send one of them  , because this bird doesn’t stand still and the quality is worse than the others, however, I think that is actually has some white on the left side of it. Interesting bird. I can’t find anything on the internet other than your website on them. thanks so much!


I aren’t an expert on identifying birds, but I wondered if this was a young American Crow or a young American Rook.

I’ve put two links below so you can take a look.  The Crows and Rooks in the photos below are adult birds – so we’ll have to imagine a younger version.

Click here for a link to USA Crow information 

Click here for a link to USA Raven information

We still need help identifying it. I’m going to take a look at some more books.  Hope we get there in the end.

Click here to see why the bird may have  white tail feathers

The investigation has started.   All we need now is Sherlock Holmes!


2 thoughts on “White tailed bird – please identify

  1. Mary Ann Pinto

    At my feeder I saw a black bird with white tail feathers, very straight at the end of the tail, squared off. Also a swoosh of white at it’s crown. It was followed by a small black bird without any white, and appeared to be feeding it at one time. Milford CT 06460 June 14, 2002

  2. petermadamson@gmail.com

    I’ve just filmed a Blackbird with a white tail. It was protecting a baby which was grounded and couldn’t fly. I have never seen the likes of this bird before but we are having extreme weather in England of a heatwave type and I wonder if it has brought this bird to us.

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