Prayer for a bird

Birds are so alive with bird song and movement.  I read this poem about the death of a bird and thought I would share it with you –

Prayer for the Burial of a Bird

This sparrow died today, O Lord,
Your feathered creature small.
We lay him in the friendly earth
And ask Your blessings on us all.

It made me remember clearly the day last year I found a dead sparrow near our garden gate.  I picked up this dead sparrow.  I was so amazed how light it was in my hand.  Ths feathers and bone together weighed hardly anything at all.  All the energy had gone from it (of course).

One reason I’m glad I started this bird diary is because it reminds me of what happened in the past.   There was nothing to show why this little sparrow had died.

We should treasure birds and enjoy seeing them full of live.  We shouldn’t take for granted their birdsong and their presence in or near our lives.

We should help them where we can.

Lets join together and feed the birds.


14 thoughts on “Prayer for a bird

  1. Sue

    Thank you for this. A young blackbird flew into our window today. I heard the hard thud and guessed what had happened. I went out and looked and it was still alive so went to get something to pick it up and wrap it in fully expecting delayed tea and a trip to the vet or local rspca but when I came back, only seconds, it had died. I immediately went and made to bury it getting out little hand gardening tools. I carefully carried the poor little thing to a spot in the border in our garden a dug a hole. I laid it gently at the bottom then went back to the house. I made tea for the family to leave time for the little bird to come round just per chance it was only stunned but, alas this was not the case. I pulled some lavender stalks from some of our bushes and laid it around the little body, then gently sprinkled the soil over it and made it neat, finally covering with a sturdy terracotta pot so nothing could come and disturb the little bird. I felt the need to offer something by way of verse or prayer and found your site. Thank you again. S

  2. Trish Post author

    Sue, I am amazed and pleased that this has helped you. I wonder if a lot of us that birds have souls
    I will put this on Bird Table News next week

  3. carol tatham

    I found a beautiful dove in my garden today, I thought it had a broken wing. I brought in the house and put it in a nice padded box, i gave it water and covered it with a towel like they told me too. My husband went to the store for dove bird seed by the time he got home my beautiful bird had past.

  4. carol tatham

    I will bury it under my rose of sharon tree and say a prayer for the beautiful little dove .It’s a very sad day for me and my family. But i know my little beautiful dove is in heaven with jesus. Thank You for this web site. carol tatham

  5. Trish Post author

    I am so pleased that this prayer is still being read and people are moved by it and it has helped you. It does show how close we can feel to these small birds.

    It is always sad to see a dead bird. I feel they look so small when the life energy has gone out of them

    It’s so lovely that you tried to save it

  6. Sharon

    I live on a small acreage and love feeding all the birds. We are so blessed to attract many different kinds. Sadly, in the last couple of days I’ve had to bury a baby dove and a robin I think they hit the windows. Is there something that can be done to the windows to help the birds see and/or avoid them. I would welcome any suggestions.
    P.s. Thank you for the bird prayer .

  7. Trish Post author

    I live on a small acreage and love feeding all the birds. We are so blessed to attract many different kinds. Sadly, in the last couple of days I’ve had to bury a baby dove and a robin I think they hit the windows. Is there something that can be done to the windows to help the birds see and/or avoid them. I would welcome any suggestions.
    P.s. Thank you for the bird prayer .

  8. Trish Post author

    Window stickers can be bought. They really do work. the window stickers keep flying birds away from the unseen glass.
    I am glad you like the prayer. When I put it on Bird Table News I did not know what to expect, but a lot of people have mentioned it.

  9. Lydia

    I am beyond heartbroken that today my 16-year-old cockatiel passed away. He was 1 of 4 that I have. He was the loud mouth, the drama queen, and the strong one. I never wanted to think of this day. I came to understand birds over the years and connected with them. I came to love them so much. How can such a little creature capture my heart so tenderly can only be explained by Love – Divine Love. This little one has left a big hole in my heart. He was the lively one. Unto the Creator he returns as we all will some day. I was granted 16 years with him and he brought me joy, made me laugh and opened my heart. God bless him.

  10. Trish Post author

    Hello Lydia, I am so pleased the Pray for a Bird has helped you.
    I know what you mean about understanding birds and connecting with them. As you say, Unto the Creator he returns – as we all do. I’m sure you brought him joy throughout his life. They all have characters don’t they? Best wishes Trisha

  11. Laura

    Thank you for this. I found a tiny mourning dove, yesterday in my backyard. He was on the ground and I knelt down to take a closer look. He saw me and hopped toward me. I knew he was hungry, and in this hot Texas weather, he must have been dehydrated. I moved him a few feet away into a shady area of my yard. My hope, however, was that he seemed energetic, and actually hopeful when he saw me. I researched and read up on these birds, and I was hopeful that his parents would be back, find him and feed him. After an hour, he was still alone. No adult mourning doves in sight, and that’s because my backyard is always full of them. I went inside and boiled an egg, removed the yolk once it was cooked, and mixed it with water. With a syringe, I was able to feed him enough so that his little crop looked semi full. I placed him on my hand and let him take sips of water, as well as he could. Evening came, and I was hopeful his parents would find him by morning. It’s now morning, and I came out to check on my little friend 🙁 He was laying there almost lifeless and I swear he looked at me. Heart broken, I began searching for a prayer and I found yours. When I knelt to pray he was completely lifeless. I just buried him under an orange tree and placed a cross against the trunk of the tree. I will trust in God’s plan, even though I’m completely heart broken and wish I could’ve done more. He, however, filled my day yesterday with awe and love. Thank you for this.

  12. Dennis

    I too, had to bury a sparrow yesterday. Tried to save it, but it’s injury was too severe. It’s stunning how you get attached to these little guys so quickly. Glad I found this site. Thank you Trish.

  13. Trish Post author

    Don’t thank me. I want to thank you for caring enough to look for a poem and to try to look after a small bird. it is heartwarming to know that other people care.

  14. Lynda Krasnik

    I sobbing yesterday I accidentally stepped on MY ZOEY A SENEGAL HE LOVED JUMPING OFF COUNTERS & chasing my shoes I ran away trying to get his stick to pick him up put stepped on him I picked him up with stick & he seemed fine put him in cage found him laying on bottom he was 20yrsOld hAd a SPOLIED WONDERFUL LIFE ALWAYS TOLD ME HE LOVED ME & more wonderful words I LOVED HIM SO VERY MUCH CAN’T STAND THIS I DOn’t know what to do with myself can’t stop thinking & feeling this Horrible pain

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