Decline in birds

Last year a lot of garden birds had a really bad breeding season and there was a decline in bird numbers, so please read on –


Birds such as robins, song thrushes, blackbirds had a fall of 38 per cent in the number of young who survived.

Also, the last two summers have been really bad for moths which has a effect for birds such as blue tits and great tits which rely on them to feed their young.

Bad, wet weather when any parent bird is foraging for food for its young can mean the parent bird just cannot find enough food for it’s young or for itself.

Young chicks can be drenched in the nest if the rain comes which could  be one reason why there is a decline in birds.  There is nothing we can do about that but we can help by putting bird food out and helping the parent birds and the fledglings that do survive

Birds really have to fight for survival don’t they and we can help

Putting out bird food every day can help stop the decline in bird numbers. 

I see a frenzy of  blackbirds in the garden sometimes at the ground feeders.  The thrushes are getting bolder in their visits to my Garden Bird Cafe.  I often see robins in the hedge, on the fence and at the ground feeders.

I get a frenzy of sparrows and chaffinches at the hanging feeders as well.

If the parent bird can get good food easily and does not have to spend the day foraging for herself she will be healthier and stronger to bring up her brood (or  broods). 

So, I will outwit the rooks, crows and pigeons, and keep on feeding our lovely garden birds.

Lets keep feeding our garden birds and help stop this decline in our native birds

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