Crows treating blackbirds as friends or food

Some days I see crows and blackbirds together in my garden.  There are also rooks.  There are more rooks than crows.

The crows don’t seem to take any notice of the blackbirds. Neither do the rooks.
The blackbirds don’t seem frightened of the crows.

The blackbirds, rooks and crows land on the grass together.  If something frightens them, they fly off together.
Yet, and this is the strange thing,  I have seen a crow eating a blackbird.

I have also had a lady write to me saying she saw a crow catch a live blackbird to eat.

Does anyone else have crows / rooks / blackbirds together in their garden or in a park nearby, or in a town centre.

Has anyone else seen a crow or rook eating a blackbird?

4 thoughts on “Crows treating blackbirds as friends or food

  1. Liz

    Yes, I have seen a rook or a very large crow eating a blackbird. Last year, a male blackbird was feeding a baby blackbird a worm in my back garden. It was such a lovely sight. As the baby went to take the worm, the large crow or rook swooped and picked up the baby. I opened the kitchen door, ran and screamed wherin the baby was dropped. The garden is enclosed and the baby wasnt able to fly properly, so I put washing basket over the baby to protect it (temporarily) and placed it under a shrub. (The wash basket had openings, for the adult bird to feed the baby through the basket). Unfortunately, the crow/rook attacked/killed and then flew off with the adult. It was so sad as I loved the male adult bird. It worked tirelessly throughout the day to feed the baby and any others that I didnt see. I now discourage crows and rooks from visiting our garden at any time of year.

  2. Trish Post author

    Thank you for telling us about this. I do agree that you do get fond of birds that visit the garden. somehow they trust you don’t they. I hope the young birds survived – did they? I would like to put your story on birdtablenews next week as it paints such a picture. Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry such a thing happened in your garden. Trisha

  3. Janine

    There are a pair of crows nesting in a tree behind my house, and for the past week they have terrorised the blackbird population. I’ve seen 2 young blackbirds being taken and eaten in the past week – not such a pretty sight. My friend suggested a scarecrow so they’d leave – has anyone else tried this or does anyone have any suggestions?

  4. Trish Post author

    How horrible. I have crows and blackbirds in the same garden. In my life I have only ever once seen a crow eat a blackbird. Two young blackbirds being taken in one week is amazing!! I have never seen that and I live next door to a rookery where there are crows!! I wonder if the crows are starving
    I don’t see how you can do anything. But the number of birds to prey to garden birds seems to be getting higher.
    Once you didn’t see many magpies as some were shot. Now magpies are all over the place and will, for certain, be getting eggs and fledglings from the nests, then we have crows and other birds of prey as well. What a dangerous life our garden birds live. We hear them singing a merry song and think all is well. How wrong we are!! Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry I can’t help, except to ask the question if there are too many birds of prey about. Please let me know if it stops. Trisha

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