Corn growing in Yorkshire

I thought I would take weekly photos of the corn growing and how it changes as the weeks go by.

We are lucky to live in a country that can grow our food  like this. 

This countryside is home to a lot of our native  birds.  They scurry in and out of the hedge bottoms, flit in and out of the hedgerows and sit on branches of trees.  This countryside is there home – share it with them for a few weeks and share the changing colour of the corn.

Photo taken early April

EarlyApril 2009

EarlyApril 2009


Corn growing on 20th April

You won’t be able to see much difference, but believe me the corn has grown in just over one week.

In July or August the corn will be ready for harvesting and the combine harvester with spring into action like some sleeping beast that comes out of hibernation once a year.

It’s a skill knowing the exact time to combine the corn.  Does anyone know, or would anyone like to learn


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