Birdsong and Squabbling – a video

My small busbi camcorder has broken! I have not been able to record any of my birds. I have photos and sound  recordings of birds, but no video.  Why don’t I just let technology beat me! Last month the internet connection was lost and I could not put any bird videos on.
I recorded the video below a few weeks ago and did not think it good enough to put on here for you,  but it is all I have until I get busbi mended.
I was hoping for blue tits, robins, sparrows, thrushes and blackbirds.  What do you think I got?
Think of it as a competition for yourself. Competition –
1. How many birds can you see hopping behind the bush.?
2. What is the bird that is squabbling in the background that you can hear but can’t see?
3.At the end when you see sky how many birds do you see flying by?
4.  What tips can you give me for videoing birds?!
The good thing is you can listen to the birdsong and you can keep your eyes peeled to see how many birds you can see.

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