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Kitchen scraps for our garden birds

I often put kitchen scraps out for birds.  In these days of recycling it seems a good thing to do.

Bacon Rind for Birds

  • Should be cut into small pieces
  • Popular with nearly all birds
  • Can also attract magpies, gulls and other larger birds

Fruit for Birds

  • Cut and sliced apples can be put out any time of the year
  • Apples, pears and grapes are all popular fruit

Cooked Rice for Birds

  • Avoid putting out hightly flavoured rice
  • Rics is a favourite of house sparrows and starlings

Cooked Potato for Birds

  • Potatoes are high in protein
  • If putting out jacket potatoes many birds will peck at the soft potato and leave the hard skin
  • Cooked potatoe is popular with many birds

Dry cheese for birds

  • Protein rich food for birds
  • Can be a life saver for some birds in bad weather
  • At the moment it seems to be one of the favourite foods on my bird table
  • I always put out grated cheese

Cake for Birds

  • Cake is a good filler food and I put out a lot of crumbs and stale cake.

Bread for Birds

  • Best to soak bread in water first
  • Is a good filler food

Carrots for birds

Last year and this year I have put out grated, raw carrot on the bird table.  It has always been eaten, but I don’t know which birds have eaten it.



These are some of the kitchen scraps that birds will eat.

Have you anyspecial scraps you put out for birds?



  • Popular with nearly all birds
  • Can attract larger birds such as magpies, gulls

The up and downs of bird feeding

I was bird feeding early this morning.

It is a strange feeling knowing that birds are watching you when you step into the garden.  I know this because one lone starling starts to chitter and in a minute there are a small flock flying over my head.  Other birds appear on the fence looking at me.

A blackbird sweeps past the ground feeder – but there isn’t any food on it yet.

I put out the different bird food into the different feeders, put the grated cheese and the bread out as well.  I could hear the birds singing happily away in the hedgerows.

It is a lovely morning.  The colours of the countryside blend into the blue of the sky.

Then the squirrels and rooks appeared.

The squirrel soon disappeared, but the rooks just swarmed near the ground feeders and ate nearly all the food that was there.  They are such big birds.  They don’t belong in the garden at my feeders.  It’s a good job I put a lot of it inside ground caged feeders.

I’ll put some photos on of my home made and bought caged feeders – but that will be later in the week.

Have a good day