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My bird feeding friend

This post is for my friend who was usually with me when I fed the birds.

Bonnie the dog.

She had to be put down a year ago today, but we still miss her.

She had been ill.  We took her to the vets again.  The only way we could help her was to put her out of her pain.  Which we did.  It was the only thing we could do, but being with an animal when it slips from life to death is horrible.  Especially when that animal trusts you to get it better.

But I did feel relieved that she was out of her pain.

The house felt very empty for ages,

This poem was written in 1987 for a dog called Wimpy.  Years later is says how I felt about Bonnie.

I didn’t write this poem, my dad did.  I have changed the dogs name from Wimpy to Bonnie

To Bonnie

No face at the window
No welcoming bark.
No more chasing a cat,
as we returned from the park.
There will be a big gap for a long time to come
That chair will be vacant every time I come home

But, Bonnie, my pet,
You were loved by us all,
and though for you I still fret
you had to go at the Call.
You’re at peace near the garden where you loved to play
And I’ll oft stand beside you at the end of the day.

Bonnie always used to come with me when I fed the birds.  She was company and enjoyed the garden.

White tailed blackbird in Iowa

This past week I have had the fun of watching, what to me looks like a black bird with a long white tail.

I did get a few photo’s of it, I hope to get more tomorrow that are clearer. What a neat bird to see!
I live south of mason city, Iowa. Is there any way for me to post a photo?


I received the above comment, have been in touch and am looking forward to receiving a photo

Corn growing in Yorkshire

I thought I would take weekly photos of the corn growing and how it changes as the weeks go by.

We are lucky to live in a country that can grow our food  like this. 

This countryside is home to a lot of our native  birds.  They scurry in and out of the hedge bottoms, flit in and out of the hedgerows and sit on branches of trees.  This countryside is there home – share it with them for a few weeks and share the changing colour of the corn.

Photo taken early April

EarlyApril 2009

EarlyApril 2009


Corn growing on 20th April

You won’t be able to see much difference, but believe me the corn has grown in just over one week.

In July or August the corn will be ready for harvesting and the combine harvester with spring into action like some sleeping beast that comes out of hibernation once a year.

It’s a skill knowing the exact time to combine the corn.  Does anyone know, or would anyone like to learn