Blackbirds Bravery

Hi, I have just watched a Sparrowhawk kill a blackbird in our small garden in  Hertfordshire.

The other blackbirds tried to help by attacking the sparrowhawk but to no avail. This went on for about 5 mins before it flew away with the blackbird in its talons.

I received the above comment yesterday. 

I replied –

How amazing!  How amazing that other blackbirds birds tried to help this blackbird that was in trouble. 

It is a case of bird killing bird again.  It’s not all nice and friendly out there is it?

Fancy the blackbirds struggling for 5 minutes to save the blackie.  You would think they would be frightened of the sparrowhawk and hide away so the sparrowhawk would not come after them. 

There must be a friendly blackbird community out there that we aren’t aware of.  Like the poem The Darkling Thrush where it says something like – the thrush knew of something that we were not aware of.

I will take more notice of the blackbirds in my garden.  It seems to me that  because of what your blackbirds did it must mean every blackie is capable of feelings, or else they would not have risked their lives to save another life.  

If this is so then they must have feelings if their young die in the nest, or if there is a shortage of food and they go hungry.

Thanks for telling me about this.  I find it amazing.

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