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Prayer for a bird

Birds are so alive with bird song and movement.  I read this poem about the death of a bird and thought I would share it with you –

Prayer for the Burial of a Bird

This sparrow died today, O Lord,
Your feathered creature small.
We lay him in the friendly earth
And ask Your blessings on us all.

It made me remember clearly the day last year I found a dead sparrow near our garden gate.  I picked up this dead sparrow.  I was so amazed how light it was in my hand.  Ths feathers and bone together weighed hardly anything at all.  All the energy had gone from it (of course).

One reason I’m glad I started this bird diary is because it reminds me of what happened in the past.   There was nothing to show why this little sparrow had died.

We should treasure birds and enjoy seeing them full of live.  We shouldn’t take for granted their birdsong and their presence in or near our lives.

We should help them where we can.

Lets join together and feed the birds.


Swallows, chiffchaffs and blackcaps in Yorkshire

swallows  on a wire

swallow on a wire

It’s great to hear some local news about bird migration, swallows, chiffchaffs and blackcaps.  As well as nesting time, bird migration time is here.

We haven’t seen any swallows where I live yet – am looking forward to seeing them return, but David sends his bird watching observations and he  lives on the Yorkshire Wolds as well.  Thanks David –

Despite some miserable weather over Easter it looks like the bird migration is underway. I saw my first Swallow perched on the wires  on 7th April and have seen one nearly everyday since. They are also appearing in ones and two elsewhere locally including Cowlam and Kirby Grindalythe.

For the last couple of weeks there have been Chiffchaffs in suitable habitat everywhere. I heard my first singing males at Weaverthorpe and Sherburn a couple of weekends ago with more at Sledmere and Cowlam over Easter. The first Willow Warblers came in over Easter with birds in scrubby patches again at Cowlam and Sledmere.

The first local Blackcap was at Haverdale Lane near West Lutton on Easter Monday.