Daily Archives: April 8, 2009

A bit about me

 I will start at the beginning.   I have lived in Yorkshire all my life.  I was brought up in a village 12 miles from Bridlington in East Yorkshire. I now live in another village which is twelve miles from Bridlington!

When I was growing up we did not have a car.  Every year in the school summer holidays my mum and dad used to hire a car  so we could have  trips out.  We would explore the Yorkshire countryside and visit stately homes and ruined abbeys(that is if the car would go)

Whenever we had a trip out  we always stopped at a cafe for Ham and Egg tea and, another cafe for a cup of tea. The cafe where we had the cup of tea had a large aviary full of colurful, loud birds but I cannot remember which village it was.

I remember when we visited one old stately house we three children were mesmerised by the peacocks strutting about with their colourful tails outspread. We had never seen anything like it in our lives before (we did not have a television).

A kindly gentleman in a suit gave us each a peacock feather from a very elegant, large vase that was standing in the grand hall. We treasured these peacock feathers for ages. They seemed magical to us as we wafted them around. (well maybe not to my older brother)

Here is a photograph of one of our days out.


 My dad is holding my younger sister.

My brother is standing on the far right of the photo

I am the little girl standing next to him with a ribbon in my hair.
I do not know who the person is who is to the far left of the photo.  I think it must be Uncle Ron.

My mum must have been the one taking the photograph

To us our days out were exciting even though in the photo we all look a bit fed up. Even the car ride itself was exciting as I said before, at that time we did not have a car and had to hire one.  So climbing into a car and heading off out of the village was fun.

Yorkshire countryside, car rides along country lanes, ruined abbeys to visit and all the time, in the background, was the sound of birds singing.

 They were the best outings ever!




Feeding Blackbirds

I don’t want to feed all the starlings because they arrive in such a big swarm and completely take over everything.

Yet I do want to feed the blackbirds, so I will have to keep putting out the cheese and food mix.

I get seven or eight blackbirds visiting my garden for bird food most days.  Plus I get a lot of other birds as well that flit on and off the bird table.

I mention the blackbirds because they hop about the grass and seem to stay a while so I notice them more.  I managed to get this photo a while ago of a blackbird as it was resting in the hedge after having a meal at my Garden Bird Cafe


It is sometimes difficult for me to feed the blackbirds.  I can put food inside a meshed feeder.  This keeps out the larger starlings and pigeons and means the smaller birds can get to this food.

The problem is blackbirds and thrushes cannot get to the food inside the meshed feeder .  I have to put bird food out on the bird table or ground feeders so the blackbirds and thrushes can get to it, but it means the larger birds can get to it as well.  Starlings, rooks and pigeons are a nuisance at the moment. 

I have started putting bird food near to the front door as the blackbirds and thrushes will come close to the house, but the other birds don’t seem to.

Sometimes in winter I had to put the bird food out early , when it was barely light.  The blackbirds came to this food and ate it before the starlings and pigeons and rooks came.  Trouble is that now it is summer I just cannot get up that early!

so feeding blackbirds can some times be tricky, but it’s worth it as they become more used to me and often hop around one side of the bush when I am putting bird food out on the other side!

Have a good day.