Daily Archives: April 5, 2009

Bird watching in Yorkshire

Or should I say ‘trying’ to bird watch in Yorkshire

Yesterday, for a second,  I saw a lovely bird swooping soft and low close to where I was walking, then is disappeared out of sight.  It was a barn owl

I was walking down a lane .  There were birds  singing, but I couldn’t see any of them as they were hidden in the hedges.  But the air was full of birdsong.

So I caught a glimpse of one bird and I could hear lots more. 

Silently the owl came into sight again.   The owl was flying a little higher than the hedgerow where the birds were singing and where I was walking.  It passed  close to me and then it flew down the lane away from me. 

I grabbed my camera out of my pocket.  I was hoping for a close up photo of a barn owl – the perfect picture.  I thought, for a second, that I may be able to enter the photo in a competition.  It would be my best photo ever.  Dream on!

By the time I’d clicked the switch on my camera and put the zoom on – you’ve guessed it – the owl was nearly out of sight.  A little white speck in the distance.

But maybe it doesn’t matter I didn’t get a photo.  It was a lovely afternoon.  I was lucky enough to be close to an owl for a second and I was surrounded by birdsong.  Lovely.

I have been recording some birdsong to put on birdtable news,  but there is some technical fault with the people who power this blog and it won’t let me put birdsong on.