White tailed blackbird in America in March

Another white tailed blackbird in the US!
I read that white feathers can mean that birds are lacking in some vitamin.  I wonder if this is so
Stop Press. I received a news flash from Heather –
Heather said,

I’ve noticed a medium sized black colored bird with a single white tail feather in my back garden. The tail feather seems to be completely white both from the top and the bottom. It has been around a few times this spring, I also noticed it last spring but never see it in the summer, fall or winter. Any idea what it is?

Heather, does it have a yellow beak?  Blackbirds in England have yellow beaks

Can anyone help. 

1 thought on “White tailed blackbird in America in March

  1. angela

    Hey, I have a black bird with white tailfeathers in my backyard – noticed it about 3 weeks ago – thought, at first, someone had glued a white tongue-depressor or something to his tail, but no, his tailfeathers are long and white- saw him take off a short while ago & he spread his tailfeathers – definitely feathers. Went through all my bird books and came up zip – ??????

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